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Small music building

Small art museum

The art and literature activity record

Offer of prizes for correct answers


 The small music building opened, asking classmate to make use of time to browse!

From school begins to rise the each Monday  for week to sweep time to will broadcast a classic melody to ask the classmates side to sweep the side to listen, and go to small music building to find the Monday  to find in the morning, see that is which master of work!






Characteristics 2:

Leshan deeply plough the reading

Latest news

 Congratulate three new reading Masters and came out our school, please to the fragrance of books a person's hall to have a look! 

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Characteristics 3:
Horticultural Societies


The native plants and exotic species


The world of the flower and grass really beautiful, we think so, by chance winning but finding the flower and grass world still has separately the aborigine and new emigrant, different BE, the mankind's new emigrant is considerate of among everyone and help, but the new emigrant within animate nature is appealed by scholar to avoid.

 After seeing much data, we understand the importance of maintaining the living creature gene diverse sex, also wanting reserve more living creature specieses.the life is whole to have much more plants, we hope very much to can a little more understand to them, so constitute this team, hoping to let the community and all member understanding within campus. if the new emigrant destined to shouldn't enter this place, we can reduce them at least into the probability that halt, and encourage everyone to plant to grow to get the kind at first.

Therefore defineses this website as the sharing web page of the familiar plant species of the community, object for want to understand the familiar plant for get to grow at first or the reader of the foreign kind, turns for the sake of the life of the increment website and fit school-children reading, so as far as possible reduce the usage of the professional technical term, and increased some small episodes that we take place with research in to the viewpoint of various plant.I think these very meaningful to me, certainly also is the plant contain some characteristics very difficult directly describe to us, so add some deeds that it lets us move to let everyone understand.

Enjoy the well small seedling, we are the teams come from the Kuei-shan country in Taoyuan County joy well the elementary school, the small seedling represented the future that hope, the hope of the future.we hope and open the school and community(even is all readers) through this website and inform and go out towards getting and growing at first and the concern of a plant, by everyone's strength these messages and plant of beautifully, waking responsibility sensing of calling of everyone's passion to the environment uping. everyone together comes hard, everyone together considers, together guarding our home, even hoping and expanding and the whole Earth!

  Hoping everyone like this website, and can give us some references with improved suggestion conduct and actionses. much freeer to take a walk!