School Vision
四、School Vision:
Leshan is a elementary school with the inherited core values: Diversity, vibrancy, foresight, and excellence.Our students are aggressive learners and team players with appreciating attitude.
Our teachers are caring, enthusiastic, respecting and never stopping their professional development.
Our caring and supporting parents are lifelong learners involved passionately in school.
In our school we treasure every child's experience and activity, encourage students to share their talents and abilities with each other providing an opportunity to transcend their thoughts and ideas.
the school vision:happiness learning,the health lives,the adaptability grows up,frequently the servant goes forward and by one's own surmounts happy spirit of the good man
The everyone is happy to offer, is well with factitiousness.
The everyone is happy to communicate, harmonizing to advise well.
The everyone is happy to the mutual trust loves one another, aiming at attaining perfection.